Our History

Hershey Hospital 1902 - 1983

Hershey Hospital was a gift to the city from Miss Mira Hershey in memory of her father, Benjamin, a pioneer in the lumber business. On June 26th, 1902, the Benjamin Hershey Memorial Hospital opened its doors to the first patients. The hospital was on the city’s outskirts but was easy to reach because it was on the trolley line route.

In 1954, the hospital became a nursing home known as the Hershey Convalescent Home. In 1983 Hershey Convalescent Home was torn down, and the Hershey Manor, a HUD-subsidized 50 unit independent living facility for seniors, was built on the property.

Image: Hershey Hospital the year it was built, 1902. Picture provided by the Musser Public Library Oscar Grossheim Collection.

Senior Resources 1972 - 2000

Senior Resources has been serving Muscatine County residents since 1972. Senior Resources is located in the historic Hershey nurses’ building at 1808 Mulberry Ave. The building was built to house nurses who worked at the former Hershey Hospital at 1810 Mulberry Ave.

On June 4th, 1984, Terry Alexander and Patti McCrea started Senior Circle, now known as Senior Resources’ Adult Day Center, in the basement of the Church of Christ Church, which was then located at the corner of 6th and Iowa Ave. Patti and Terry had both worked at Lutheran Homes and saw there was a need in Muscatine for a place for seniors to go to before they went into a nursing home. Senior Circle opened with two clients. In January 1986, the Hershey Board took over Senior Circle and moved them into the Hershey nurses’ building. Senior Circle later merged with Senior Resources in July of 1996.

Image: Senior Circle Volunteer Appreciation Event. Picture provided by Senior Resources Archives

Building Expansion 2002

In October 2002, Senior Resources and Hershey Manor boards started a $1 million expansion project on the Hershey nurses’ building. The expansion project included adding an addition to the back of the building that architecturally conformed with the original historic structure. The original second floor of the nurses’ building that once roomed nurses now would be used for office space for Senior Resources and community partners. Also added to the Adult Day Center were an elevator, a sunroom, a remodeled kitchen and dining room, offices, and a bathing tub. The Muscatine Historic Preservation Committee presented an Excellence in Preservation award to Senior Resources for their efforts.

George Shepley volunteered to chair the fundraising for the expansion project and, in March 2005, succeeded in raising $1 million. To recognize his dedication to Muscatine’s seniors, the new addition was named The Shepley Building during a dedication ceremony on April 22nd, 2005.

In 2020, Senior Resources merged with Crossroads Inc.

Image: Shepley Building plaque recognizing the expansion project.